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Our latest publications. Two packs of copies, for Junior and Senior Infants. The art of handwriting hasn't changed. Mrs Murphy's Copies are going back to basics. These copies will save teachers hours of preparatory work. Includes instructions for Good Posture, Writing and Pencil Grip. Also our fully cursive copies for 1st & 2nd classes are now ready to order.

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Mrs Murphy's packs include Pattern Letter Writing .

The Benefits


Pre-cursive approach to writing for infants.

Graded Writing

Graded writing developed in a structured way. Children begin with writing patterns, leading to writing letters, words and sentences with confidence and fluency.

Day 1

Junior Infant children can start their Pattern Copy on day 1 of the new school year.

All 26 Letters

All 26 letters included (Junior Infants - lower case, Senior Infants - capital letters).


Designed with a phonetic approach - CVC and rhyming words in Junior Infants, consonant and vowel digraphs in Senior Infants.


HFW used in phrases and sentences.


These copies allow for differentiation as children progress through the writing stages at their own pace under teacher guidance and supervision.


Children frequently struggle with letter heights. These copies offer support by using red and blue lines throughout until the children become confident writers.


Revision / Assessment pages incorporated throughout.

BCM Publishing

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BCM Publishing Limited was formed in 2015. First publication - 2016 - 'Start!'

I am a practising primary teacher in Killarney, Co. Kerry. I have thirty five years experience, 20 of those writing text books for primary school children.
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Mrs Murphy's Copies! Available from EDCO and most bookshops nationawide.
New for 2019, a must have on all book lists.


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Start! A Pre-Reading / Pre-Writingskills bookfor Junior infants. It uses a themed approach, with nursery rhymes/songs as the main focus. Nursery rhymes are not just for fun but have enormous educational value.

The pattern pages of this book provide the framework for a pre-writing programme. A Busy Copy (blank copy) would be a useful addition, where the children could practise the pattern of the week on a daily basis.

Start! : Fulfills the main learning outcomes of the pre-reading / pre-writing skills.

To enable the children to expand their vocabulary and memorise through verse.
Visual Discrimination:
To improve the children's visual perception skills by seeing differences between pictures.
Left-Right Orientation:
To improve the children's hand-eye co-ordination and train them to move on the page from left to right.
Auditory Discrimination:
To improve the children's auditory perception by recognising and distinguishing similar and different sounds.
Pattern Work:
To improve the children's fine motor skills by tracing patterns.
Available from most bookshops or online from Edco.

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A whole year's writing programme in one pack

I've prepared and dotted more than 1000 handwriting copies... now it's time to share my expertise.

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